A Body A Day?

As much as I adore coffee, I’ve taken a few day sans my favorite beverage as I relax into the sweetness that is vacation. However, my creative brain is still restless and I’ve been up to some fun art with an interesting new canvas…PEOPLE !

The Museum of Health and Medicine up in Maryland had an awesome event on Saturday: “The Anatomy of Sports” I joined fellow SPTs, PTs, athletes, and Medical Illustrators for a morning of  art and anatomy. Visitors to the museum got to see body painting on the athletes as the PTs described key muscle groups to improve your performance while preventing injuries. The best part was, I got to step in as a medical illustrator last minute! My model Christina Hong was a fabulous volleyball player and we focused on her core, pecs, and shoulder girdle.

The whole team after the event: PTs, artists, & athletes 

Painting in process, Christina was very patient with me as I learned the materials 

More pictures from the day, with the work of many other awesome artists. Such a wonderful experience, I learned so much, met some really amazing people, and discovered an interesting new canvas. 

A lovely gastroc on a soccer player

An incredible painting on a horse and rider

Cyclist with some awesome quads & a football player from the DC Divas an all female football team in DC !

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