Home, ホーム, Heim, Casa, Huis

Military brats, transient souls, wanders, and vagabonds know that the idea of home is an intangible place. There isn’t a physical structure that contains a height chart for you and your siblings, a single driveway where you first fell off a bike without training wheels, one kitchen where you “cooked” breakfast in bed for your parents on their birthday (mmmm, play-dough pancakes)….


…instead it is that ever changing place where the people you love are.

Growing up, us military brats learn to go with that ever changing flow. We even grow to love it! (Is it possible to live someplace more than 3 years? Perhaps one day I’ll find out…) BUT…


Something funny happens when you “grow up” (I use this term lightly because lets just face it: I’m the first to splash in a puddle, get my face painted at the fair, and  if there is a trampoline I’m bouncing on it…). All of the sudden you get to make your own choices: What is for dinner (maybe play-dough pancakes),  when is my bed time, who should I go out and play with, and perhaps most importantly where do I want to  live?

So, in true military brat style I will always have a chronic case of wanderlust and my heart will always be with those I love.  However, I couldn’t be more excited about my new job, my new city, and now my new home:

new home

Just ask yourself, how could I NOT live in a golden house?

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