Miss Stagmus – Guest Artist Alert!

It has been a whirlwind start to July. Much of NOVA and I have been living sans power for the last 5 days. It has been hot, dark, and everything just seems to be the tiniest bit harder with out the modern convenience of electricity.

Yet, despite all of this, wouldn’t trade the last few days for anything.

Today I got to:

  • Spend the morning with firemen
  • Enjoyed the delicious home baked talents of my lovely classmate Jill (my tummy was still happy from Narinder and Naomi’s cookies yesterday too)
  • Meet this talented young artist, Kara Bohn. Her summer camp was canceled so she tagged along with her dad, Dr. Bohn our neuro professor, to class this morning. Even if you don’t get the awesome ‘neuro anatomy’ joke, you’ve got to be in awe of Kara’s skill and creativity. I can’t get over the attention to detail, perspective, and whimsy … not to mention she was lovely to chat with and made neuro even more entertaining than usual

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