Scary Dreams

Ok, DO NOT fall asleep studying and listening to pharmacology and pathology. 


inspired by Goya’s “The sleep of reason produces monsters”  1797

As we know, our adrenal glands release cortisol (from the adrenal cortex) when we are stressed. [yep, right now and lots next week … read: finals]

BUT you also release cortisol when you are sleeping. 

Nope, not cause scary of pathology nightmares –> Because cortisol also breaks down fat and protein to keep your blood glucose levels stable through out the night. [given you aren’t a night nommer]

BONUS: What else is released from the adrenal cortex? How about the adrenal medulla?









Did you peak?

Cortex: Aldosterone, cortisol, & sex hormones (androgens / progesterone and estrogen)

Medulla: Epinephrine (80%) and Norepinephrine

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