It’s official…you’re talking to a second year DPT student!

I met some “first years” yesterday, so you know what that means… WE ARE SECOND YEARS! Class of 2014 is moving on up. My friend Cait and I were reflecting (yes, yes it is something we do frequently) about how we often feel like little Lucy when people hear we are physical therapy students, time to set up a stand:

Seriously, this is pretty much everyone’s response upon hearing I’m a PT student for the first time:

“Ooooooh, well I’ve been having this [insert body part] thing…”

It is exciting though! Sure, I often still feel pretty lost. However, the pieces are starting to fit together… This giant puzzle that is a DPT education and my future career as physical therapist looks a lot less like this:

I guess you could say, I’ve got the edges done and now its time to fill it in.

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