Silly Cilia

This semester marks the start of all of our physical therapy management courses. Cardiopulmonary management might be my favorite (although it is so tough to choose a fave). Over the last few weeks we’ve been learning about chest PT and how physical therapists can help individuals with lung pathologies have ‘productive coughs’ ….that is get whats in, out. We are talking about treating patients with cystic fibrosis, COPD, pneumonia and the like.

You see, in your respirator system you have cells that have cilia (tiny hairs) lining the walls that help filter and sweep particles and mucus out. What often happens in this patient population is (as Dr. C puts it): their cilia get  STUPID:


They just lie flat on the walls of the respirator system and totally neglet their mucus sweeping responsibilities. However, thats where we (pts) come in. Ask your friendly neighborhood physical therapist about how we can help! Or just check out The APTA.


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