Head: Asplode

Well, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, just one more exam left….and I should be basking in the sun around 4:00 on Friday. Until then, I feel as though my head is so full it may   just explode!! My classmates will tell you that is probably impossible and that my inter-cranial pressure (ICP) is probably normal.

Normal ICP 10 -15 mmHg

Figurative ICP : A BILLION mmO’Sullivan

PS: Red Flags for mobilization in the ICU include:

Increased ICP, Unstable vitals, acute infection, signs of a DVT/PE, or a change in neuro exam or NIHSS.

2 thoughts on “Head: Asplode

    • Thanks Maria 🙂 Have a great last day in clinic, it will be nice to see you all around the 6th floor again soon, although I know its gonna be tough to come back to class.

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