Step 3 – Just look for the FINER things

Hope everyone is safe and dry after the storm! I’ve been a bit discombobulated on my end … but we are all up and running with power again now! My thoughts are with those who are still struggling with the aftermath of feisty Sandy.

In PT school we have 3 full semesters of Research…now don’t get me wrong, I love my ability to read a good research article now and understand (for the most part) the intricacies of the statistics and such…but for what ever reason studying for the research exams is just BRUTAL. So, I often come up with silly little things to help me remember:

There are 3 steps to Asking a Good Research Question:

1. ID the Problem (conflict vs void)

2. Know where you are in the research continuum (preclinical –> phase IV )

3. Is the research question reasonable, or as Dr. Harris-Love says, the “MOM TEST” and what does mom want…well, the F.I.N.E.R. things of course:


So, is your question: 

F – Feasible ?

I – Interesting ?

N – Novel ?

E – Ethical ?

R – Relevant

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