Conference Win, Swagging Fail

Well, as you can see:


I’m back in snowy D.C.

The trip to SanDiego was just incredible. Aside from gorgeous locale, I learned so much, met so many amazing people, and feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful profession.

There is just one thing I failed to do this year:
I was so busy, I didn’t have any time to go swagging….yep, you heard that right, I didn’t bring home ONE item of swag! (WHAT?!) I unpacked my suitcase this morning and there weren’t any free gonis, pens, rojo key chains, fans, or candy.

empty suitcase

Ah, well … I did come home with all of those intangible things that really are priceless, so overall a conference WIN. Next year though, I’m going to at least grab on of those sweet University of Michigan Residency Fans 😉

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