Feeling pretty gumby ~ Whats your Beighton Score?

Hmmm, that is a mighty wintery cup you have today Cristina (you may be saying to yourself). Well, it was indeed snowing today in D.C. so I thought it was appropriate. What did I say about change yesterday? Ha ha, looks like it is abounds here in the nation’s capital.

Many of my classmates are dancers, gymnasts, & yogis… they make Gumby look about as inflexible as a two by four.


A way to measure hypermobility is through The Beighton Score.  It can be interpreted in a variety of ways, however generally if your score 4 out of 9 you are considered to have hypermobility syndrome (HMS).

So give it a shot, you get a point for each of the following (*please don’t break yourself trying this by the way):

We all know how important it is to stay limber and flexible. However, it is important for individuals with natural hypermobility to remain fit and maintain the proper balance of strength and mobility. This will help them reduce the risk of recurrent injuries, maintain joint motion in ideal ranges, and avoiding hyperextention.

Recent studies have show this test to be valid for generalizing hypermobility in kids (ages 6 -12). Feel like a little evening pediatric journal reading? Check it out here: The Beighton Score


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