Incentivize Wellness! Carrots, metro tickets, & rebates oh my


It seems to be integrated into almost every aspect of modern life.  If you own it you can insure it….house, car, health, life, boat, computer, pet, travel. There is an invisible umbrella you can purchase to cover all these things incase of rain.


Lets face it, we all like a little external encouragement. I heard an advertisement on the radio the other day for a “good driver discount” for a major car insurance company. They are incentivizing good behavior, brilliant. (You know what a fan I am of carrots.)

I thought to myself, why don’t we do this in health care!? Turns out, some companies DO and the new health care law explicitly grants permission to employers to offer rewards of up to 50% off the total cost of health insurance to employees who join wellness programs and hit certain health goals!


Obviously, it would be fantastic if people could recognize the importance of keeping themselves physical and mentally fit without the need for external sticks or carrots. However, sometimes we all need just a little encouragement…so it is very exciting to see companies value the total wellness of their employees! This incentive program (boost from health from Virgin) sums it up pretty well in this info graphic: 


And just in case you haven’t seen this video blowing up the internet the last few days, here is another creative way to get people moving. (I’d like to start my metro ride with 30 squats) :

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