World Diabetes Day ~ Conversations across borders for improved patient outcomes

November 14 marks world diabetes day !

Across the globe individuals gathered in person and virtually to discuss solutions to manage, prevent, and treat this chronic disease. What is incredible is how much can be achieved through the continued conversation across time zones and borders to share best practices, engage new thoughts, and discuss ground breaking research. You never know what may spark someones imagination.

Ultimately, engaging a multidisciplinary team and remembering that the patient (ie person) is also an expert when talking about wellness will bring us closer to finding a solution. So keep the conversations going friends!


Visit the International Diabetes Federation for incredible resources and inspirational stories, and to hear more about how to get involved.

Watch the TEDMED panel discussion on managing chronic diseases here: TEDMED (By the way… there is a google hangout EVERY THURSDAY on the great challenges facing healthcare…get involved!)


Share your thoughts here friends:

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