On the road again! A new home just on the snowy horizon.

Happy 2014 Everyone!

Graduation is just around the corner and The George Washington DPT class of 2014 has a few stops on our way to May. First, our final clinical rotation starts this Monday. I’m very excited to be heading out to Culpepper, VA it will be a lovely contrast to my previous clinical experiences (outpatient versus inpatient) and locations that I have called home (small town America with one of the most adorable Main Streets I’ve ever seen).

Today is a travel day for most and my little Hyundai is all packed up ready to drive north.

Several people have asked how I fit everything into two trunks and then into that little car so I figured I’d post an insiders guide to Cristina’s little material world.



Just so you believe me that they all fit, two passengers included into my little car:



Safe travels to all those en route to clinical adventures, especially with all the winter going on up North! I cannot wait to share stories.

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