Anatomy Nerds!

Few people get as excited as I do about getting up early on a Saturday to go in to Anatomy Lab. Luckily, Dr. Bohn is one of those people 🙂 We did a dissection of the infratemporal fossa today! So amazing! I won’t get too graphic but there was a chisel involved… Kept the cup in cartoon style for my friends less keen on thinking about gross anatomy.

After, I did some superficial dissection of the facial muscles on the left. Alright, I tried to cut out the labels who remembers what is what?

2 thoughts on “Anatomy Nerds!

  1. I heard that Frank Netter, of the Netter Atlas fame, used to go to lab and do the dissections, but then go back to his studio and make his amazing drawings totally from Memory.

    Anatomy is an awesome subject because the human body (any animal really) is a thing of such artistic beauty. I don’t mean only on the surface – although I admit to being an expert at gender-specific Human Surface Anatomy. I do most of my anatomical studying at the beach.

    • While I’m impressed with Dr. Netter’s hippocampus and ability to make ALL those amazing painting from memory…I’m fine with having a stinky sketch book and drawing more “up close and personal” (so to speak). Sketching at the beach is always fun too 😉

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