Milestones ~ A Celebration Of Life !!

There are many reasons in life to celebrate: we high five on a job well done, we blow out candles yearly in celebration of life, give big hugs when we are reunited with loved ones…sometimes we celebrate for the little gifts of life and other times there are occasions that really call for arms wide open, shout from the mountaintops, excitement!!

On Saturday, I realized the next cup I drew on would be #100…I couldn’t believe it. In my own mind I thought, there was a nice little milestone to celebrate! Then my good friend Cait’s exciting words came to my mind: “This Sunday I’m going home to celebrate, its my great grandma’s 100th birthday!!”

Now that my friends, is a shout from the mountaintops, turbo exciting celebration. ONE HUNDRED years of life, of family, of love...How beautiful to think that this Sunday there will be multiple generations of Cait’s family together celebrating. Cait told me that her great grandma, Theresa Bidini loves to crochet (and once made Cait a lovely Penn State blanket), loves coffee, and doughnuts (I think we’d get along juuuuust fine) ! How perfect then for our class to celebrate with a card on a coffee cup 🙂

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mrs. Bidini !

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