Wow, thats some big cheese!

Well, what a day! Nov. 3rd has been a tough day for my family for the last few years…however, it is always nice to focus on the gifts we have in life. Lately, I’ve been especially thankful for my classmates and Nov 3rd has turned out to be quite the day for GW SPTs.

Firstly, it is both Becca and John’s birthdays. John is incredible, he is a student and a professional body builder and quite honestly I have no idea how he is able to do so well in school and fit in all his training sessions and competitions.  Becca is my buddy, she is always so optimistic and can always make me smile no matter how crummy I’m feeling. She is getting married next month!!

I hear this is what her dress is going to look like:

Well, of course that isn’t a finished illustration….but maybe she will be seeing more of this soon.

Finally, my classmates Josh and Pete have be elected as officers for the Student Assembly for the national student physical therapy association. This is INCREDIBLE! I honestly, cannot think of two better people to represent our school and our profession  Josh, who is the president of the class of 2013 is now the SA President and Pete has a 2 year position as the chair of the nominating committee….that is some big cheese 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wow, thats some big cheese!

  1. Wish I would have seen you yesterday to give it to you 🙂 You would look beautiful in anything…but I really think the designer of this dress has a super keen eye for fashion !!

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