Brooklyn Without Limits !

Today I’m in heaven, well….Brooklyn.

Sorry Sir Moore, anywhere I can spend the days with my dad and sister is utter Utopia !  So, first off my sister has a great new place in Bed-Stuy that she shares with the cuddlies and cutest marmalade kitten. Next door, her neighbors totally have a chick coop…toats magoats in the city. Cool.

We started the day at “The Daily Press” Ashi’s local coffee shop, she used to work there before she started at Carnegie Hall.

Brunch at Prime Meats….mmm, the MOST delicious salmon, poached eggs, and steak.

What an incredible day and I still have another full one to look forward to tomorrow.

Now while the rest of the family is off watching the new Bond film, I can get a smidge of work done ….looking forward to a night out at a jazz piano bar when they get home 🙂

YAY family ❤

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