Make it so.

january cups


Uh, oh…Starbucks you’ve foiled me again! By supplying me with this turbo awesome cup (which gives me a free cup of coffee a day) you have deprived me of canvases. SO for the month of January, I’ll be drawing on these sweet “art cards” –> yeah, they are like trading cards for artists. (sweet!) Collect them all!

Stardate -309994.5835870117 (fyi stardate 0 = Jan.1, 2323)

Well, you all know I’m a huge nerd…so it should be no surprise that I am big fan of Star Trek. Over the break I was able to indulge my inner geek with lots of video games and some sweet Next Generation reruns.

captain picard

This time of year, it is impossible not to reflect on the years that have past as well as look ahead at all the possibilities that await us in the upcoming one. It made me recall a quote from one of my favorite Starfleet Captains:


So, lets boldly go into a new year confident of the people we are, the moments we’ve shared, and excited for the adventures we have yet to encounter.

Make it so.

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