The Silver Tsunami

Yesterday was my first day of Geriatrics Management and I LOVED IT!

We are in the midst of a crazy longevity revolution, people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. You know what that means? Well, assurance that I’ll have a job as a physical therapist for a very long time for one (YAY) but also that we have to start reevaluating our life span. On average people are living 34 years longer than their great-grandparents….that is like a whole other adult lifetime to appreciate. However, there are a lot of things to consider as a result of this added “Third Act” (check out Jane Fonda’s TED talk). Sure we have to consider practical things, like the financial burden on society and health insurance issues …. but I would argue we have something more important to think about : how to restructure our mindset as a culture to be able to embrace these extra years. We are all going to age (Ponce de Leon never did find that fountain) so I challenge everyone not to think of is as some sort of natural disaster but to embrace each birthday with the renewed excitement of years yet to explore.

silver tsunami

So surfs up grams and gramps !

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