Juuuust right.

Today was day two of Management of Integumentary Disfunction. I’ve learned a lot but I just hope that the graphic (*read disgusting) nature of our content will not double with each week subsequent week. Now don’t get me wrong, it is really rather fascinating and cool that caring for wound’s is part of a physical therapist’s scope of practice. In class today we learned all about measuring wounds, gangrene, probing the boundaries of wounds for tunneling or undermining … it wasn’t pretty. So, here is what I’m going to do spare you the gory details (and pictures) but I did learn that wounds are kind of like Goldilocks, to heal they can’t be too wet, or too dry, they need to be juuuuuust right.


Since my classmates and I had our eyes full gross oozy wounds today, thought we could all use something cute !


*Note to self, don’t bring breakfast TO class next Monday.

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