Happy Birthday to ….


run run run little carrots....om nom nom

run run run little carrots….om nom nom

There is something so wonderful about birthdays: and no it isn’t that you instantly become the most popular person on Facebook for 24 hours… It is all the little things that remind you how much people care. My friend Narinder made me THE MOST delicious cake for my b-day –> Carrot cake mini cupcakes surrounded by  oreo dirt, chocolate leaves, and gummie worms.


Can we get a close up?

carrot cake

Now those are some creativity skills….not to mention it tasted FABULOSO !


Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes, good friends and loving family have made me the luckiest girl in the world for these last 29 years!

OMG—> one more year in my 20s? Time to get a little crazy! Woho, I might even integrate some more French New Wave  films into my repertoire, Truffaut-astic!  

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