Word Vomit

Well, today was our first of a semester full of standardize patients for Clinical Conference V. On the docket today was our initial evaluation, it was a home health scenario involving on very disgruntled patient, his home health aide, overbearing girlfriend, and a distracting episode of Jerry Springer. I went into this feeling pretty super confident … and then WORD VOMIT! Thank goodness for MVPete (my clin con buddy), he kept calm and focused through the whole crazy scenario.


Despite the heartache and embarrassment (I do in fact have pretty decent grammar…spelling is another question) …I am grateful for these learning experiences at school and to have such great classmates to keep me balance.

Plus, in the words of my observing classmate Chris:

“That was better than an episode of Jerry Springer”

And if you can’t get an A+ all the time … then it might as well be entertaining.

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