Do PTs dream of electric feet?

Well, we are about to see.

Between CSM, the upcoming exams, and the overall craziness that tends to be status quo Cristina, I haven’t been sleeping much lately. Today, I finally feel like I need to surrender to the drooping eyelids just catch some really good zzzzs, it will do me good in the long run. Here is the thing though, it is only Nine O’ Flipping Clock, and like any ‘type A’ crazy-town student I couldn’t juuuust go to sleep. Some of you know that I record some lectures…I listen to them while commuting, running, and yes even sometimes just napping –> Hilarity in dreams often results.

While I feel like listening to Prosthetics and Orthotics this evening MAY result in some bizarre dreams, well…I’m gonna risk it. After all it is pretty darn fascinating. Check out this puppy:

biomThe BIOM prosthetic device has a built-in computer for smart powered plantar flexion to help with push off! Its dynamic response will adjust to your terrain and gait speed, which is pretty dang impressive.

Plus, a little bonus nod to all my sci-fi Philip K Dick nerd friends out there…haha, I couldn’t resist.

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