Hungry, hungry, wound dressings. *not for the faint of tummies

Seriously, if you are grossed out easily just look at the cute little pic and move on!

An interesting addition to the curriculum this semester is the management of integumentary dysfunctions or wound care. I’ve never been very squeamish and while this class is fascinating, it also continually tests my rather iron stomach. Today we learned about medical debridement, which is the removal of dead or infected tissue to improve the healthy tissue’s ability to heal. So two fun things happened today:

1) We got to practice sharp debridement on pig feet.  Now you all know, I love anatomy lab and dissection so this was pretty much right up my alley. Not sure how I would fare on live human tissue though..

 (Sorry Babe)

2) We learned about an very interesting and effective way to clean out a wound.


dr maggot

Yup, so when applied to a wound maggots will target the necrotic (dead) tissue while leaving the healthy viable tissue intact.  It has proven in several cases to be an extremely effective way to clean a wound and in many cases even save a limb that other wise might have needed to be amputated.

Interested in more information?

Follow these links, they get progressively more uncomfortable to desensitize the curious:

Personally, when I think of maggots, the first thing that comes to my mind is Soviet Film masterpiece The Battleship Potempkin Ok, now that the cinematic stylings of Eisenstein have you all riled up for mutiny…back to wound care:

What’s that? A pubmed article to get you going? Clinical Application of Maggots in Wound Care

When Maggots are Faster than Doctors – Even ABC news did a story

Alright, this is for the brave: actual video an a story of one woman’s success: Maggot and Medical Success

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