The Boy with the Basketball Braces

There are DAYS in PT school….

upset student

and then there are DAYS

Today, was one of the latter.

We had the absolute privilege to have a special guest in pediatrics today:


“Jack” is a super precocious 3 year old who loves basketball, playing at the park, drawing (“I draw with anything I want!”), and his physical therapist Dr. W. He came into class today to help us learn about Cerebral Palsy.

“Jack” wears bilateral AFOs (ankle foot orthoses) to help with the spasticity in his legs. He has a sweet design on the back too!

It is one thing learning from a textbook or a lecture but experiencing something in person is so much more meaningful and valuable.

Cerebral Palsy is a blanket term to describe loss or impairment of motor function caused by damage to the central nervous system. The damage to the brain occurs when a child’s brain is still developing – either before, durring, or after birth. There are many different types and many different presentations.  [Interested in reading more?] We learn in PT school to focus on each individual and what their unique activity and participation restrictions are NOT only their medical diagnosis.

Having the opportunity to meet people like Jackson and his mom really puts this kind of patient centered care into perspective. I am so grateful for days like today, when we can get our heads out of the books and remind ourselves what all this hard work is for:


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