We Missed You Dr. Ruckert!

My classmate Jenni (@theJayhay) put it perfectly yesterday:

PT school lesson: non-exercise clothes usually mean high stress situations. “With good fashion comes great responsibility” -Jenni

As 2nd year students we start each week with a standard patient encounter, historically very high stress type of situations. The unique bit about this set up is we have classmates there as lifelines (true to life because rarely is a clinician TOTALLY alone) and our professors are our patients. (seriously, they need to get some sort of academy award for these acting skills). Ultimately a great learning opportunity but needless to say Mondays are intense (“Like the Circus” Jenni would say  😉 )

However, I digress from today’s cup.

Yesterday case 2 was thrown for a loop when one of our “patients” (professors) was not there.

crickets in the high mat lab

This could have been a planned curve ball to keep us on our little SPT toes or perhaps our professor wasn’t been feeling well.  But what I do know is…curve ball or not –> WE FLIPPING MISSED YOU DR. RUCKERT!

 I am just echoing the well wishes of my classmates and we hope that to see you this afternoon in Geriatrics (YAY)!

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