You’ve got a foot on your knee…

A goose foot that is!


This afternoon no one was feeling too keen on staying during open anatomy lab, so lucky me I got to do a little dissecting of my own! (YAY)

Today I started working on a knee joint prosection, which is kind of  a tricky dissection to keep everything looking pretty and intact, but I’m enjoying the challenge. So, what is the gooses foot all about ?

Well, on the medial side of your knee, you have a conjoint tendon made up of the tendons from 3 muscles…PT students remember which 3?

From anterior to posterior:




Amazingly, instead of naming after themselves (as scientists are wont to do)… some anatomist decided it looked like a goose foot and named it the “Pes Anserine” which literally means “Goose Foot”

Still not seeing it? Well, come and visit me in lab and I’ll show you one in person 🙂

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