I’ll take “Helping Future PTs for 1000 Alex” (Your signature here please!)


“This is a way for you to spend 5 minutes to help future physical therapists and occupational therapists with their loans by helping add them to the federal loan forgiveness program.”


Friends, family, and fellow PTs please take 5 minutes to add your signature to this wonderful petition:


Don’t leave it to chance that I’ll make it onto Jeopardy, stay champion for weeks, and become a trivia game show millionaire….in my dreams maybe….cause lets just face it, unless it is the Teen Tournament, I’m not gonna make a dent in these loans 😉

Share this link and information with all your friends and family, together we can instigate change!

Thank you all for your support!!

❤ Cristina, SPT and future Jeopardy! champion.

Share your thoughts here friends:

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