The only thing that is certain …

…is that I’m going to be smiling all day. (oh, yeah …and death and taxes)

Seriously people: it is Tax day (womp womp) AND the DPTs of 2014 have their huge semesterly practical exam (the afeard SPI of lore where we have actors as fake patients in a room where we are filmed and watched through two way mirrors and video cameras. Need I remind you what happened during my last SPI)

serious monday face

But you know what else it is? TED MED week!

I am so excited to connect with inspired minds from around the globe to learn, share, and create.


Visit: for info about how you can be involved virtually, watch some of the events live, and to get updates on their blog.

Follow me @a_cup_a_day for up to the minute tweets about my experience (can’t promise that the first dozen or so will just be giddy excitement tweets though)

Look for hashtags: 



(On Friday, I’ll be doing some graphic facilitation at the Great Challenges event at GW…but more to come about that!)

Share your thoughts here friends:

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