Quiet You! Yoga: Using the body as a medium to train your mind.

Day one of clinic was amazing! Day two rocked!

However, what I am relishing right now is how fantastic it is to be out of the classroom and have my life back. I’ve been reading (non-text books), painting, completing chores that are loooong over due, and first and foremost taking care of myself. Any student can attest to the stress and strain of full time life in the ivory tower. There is always more studying, papers, and fretting to do…so your evenings and weekends quickly devolve into library time with the occasional study break (in which you often think: “hmmm, I probably should be working right now.”)

One of my favorite ways of taking care of me has always been yoga. Today I realized why I love it so. Yoga (and really all forms of intense physical activity) is just a way of using your body as a medium to train your mind.


Because even though I LOVE my big ol’ brain, it often can get the better of me. In that sweaty hot room, when I’m contorted and pushing my body to it’s limits, my mind wanders or struggles and I  want to run away or reach for water!  Then I breathe and I quite my mind and realize: I’m going to be OK.  I being to notice that when I’m off my mat, out in the world and I feel myself struggling, I just have to connect with my breath. Our minds are brilliant machines capable of so much; but every once in while you’ve gotta just take control and say:

“Quite You!”

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