Eat mor chikin – new diabetes research agrees with the cows

Today was my very first trip to chick-fil-a and how kismet that it feel on the very day I ready this article in JAMA:

Changes in Red Meat Consumption and Subsequent Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Firstly, ( and never thought I’d be saying this about a fast food restaurant but…) I had a lovely experience at Chick-fil-a. My salad was delicious, I enjoyed free wi-fi, someone brought me refills on my drink, and I was even offered a mint and hand wipe before I left. It is always great to be pleasantly surprised and honestly, I was a little blown away.

But now to the “meat” of today’s post so to speak ; )


Most of us know there is a link between sugar consumption and Type 2 Diabetes but this article shines some light on another dietary connection. The study looked at a large pool of men and women who altered their red meat intake during a 4-year interval. Compared to the control group, those who increased their red meat intake more that .5 serveings per day was associated w/ a 48% elevated risk for Type 2 DM and those who decreased consumption by 0.50 servings per day had a 14% lower risk. The researchers note that part of this correlation is mediated by increased body weight of those who ate more red meat…but consider this next time you reach for a burger and head over to chick-fil-a and grab a grilled chicken salad instead (free mints!) = YUM

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