Sublime Sublimation ~ Momentary Transition to DPTdom

As my fellow science nerds know, sublimation is the process by which a substance transitions directly from a solid to a gas without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. So, if you have an ice cube and you add energy to the system (heat) generally it melts and then eventually evaporates.


However, since nature and science are so flipping cool sometimes water (and other substances; carbon dioxide sublimes to “dry ice” for example) skip the liquid step. It is the process used for freeze drying and it even happens in your own freezer –> Ever leave a tray of ice cubes in there for too looooong and they seem to shrink !? Well, that ice evaporated and reformed annoyingly as frost on the interior of your freezer: time for a defrost *womp *womp.

Well, I had an utterly SUBLIME moment today in clinic.

Yes, my freezer is full of meat, berries, and beer steins...

Yes, my freezer is full of meat, berries, and beer steins…

For about 10 minutes  I forgot my my status as student and I felt like a real honest to goodness physical therapist! Now, those glorious moments when I was vaporized in the air as a lofty PT felt pretty awesome…they were fleeting though and I quickly melted back to a soggy student. All these stages are important in the journey to down the road to DPTdom, but what a beautiful taste of what is to come.

sublime 2

Anyone else feeling a little sublime lately?

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