A new icon for a more accurate point of view…

I am sure that everyone is familiar with this symbol:


It is the International Symbol of Access, also known as the “Wheelchair Icon” or the “Handicapped Symbol.” It was designed in 1968 and is used to indicate areas where access has been improved for individuals with disabilities (not just in wheelchairs).

However, check this out internet friends:

Sara Hendron and her fellow disability activist have designed and are promoting a NEW icon. They argue the old symbol displays passivity and focuses on the assistive device NOT the person.

new icon

An active and engaged person with a disability.

In fact this new icon is heading to NYC to replace the old signage:


The project has its critics but as a visual person I feel particularly drawn to this movement. Symbols are powerful things and altering the way we perceive individuals with disabilities opens up seeds for change!


Get involved in this movement through any of the links below:



Share your thoughts here friends:

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