Run, bike, …

I have recently moved to NYC for my second clinical affiliation at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn. It has been close to 14 days now (wow time flies!) that I have been in the big apple and the city has taken a couple of big bites out of me.  However, I figure it is the optimal amount of ‘tough love’ that is requisite when moving here to ultimately make you love it. Tricky, tricky, NYC…you are indeed beginning to win me over.

Since I moved to my second apartment (long slightly boring story but I initially moved to Bed-Stuy and now I’m living in Sunset Park) I have participated in 2 “unique” mini- triathlons of my own design:


Ok, so first to get all my stuff from my original Bed-Study Apartment, I had to do a couple of trips. Run, bike, run, bike….KIDDIE POOL!


Wo ho, my new apartment’s back yard 🙂

 Today was doubly awesome and in my opinion is the way ALL TRIs should finish. With a ZIP LINE!!

So, how awesome is this: NYC does something called “Summer Streets” where they block off traffic for about a 7 mile stretch from Brooklyn to Central park. In those 7 miles there are sweet activities such as rock climbing, parkour, and the Pièce de résistance : ZIP LINING! WOOO HOOO

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