It was right under your nose all along….

….well, if your nose is a Norwegian attic.

Check it out my friends: there was a new Van Gogh found “Sunset at Montmajour” Well, it wasn’t so much FOUND but identified as authentic. Seems it was considered for decades to be fake and was stored in the attic of a Norwegian home. Can you imagine, living just below a priceless piece of art for decades thinking it was worthless?

Which gets me thinking, could I be overlooking some seemingly worthless bit of my life? Shoving them up in the attic for storage waiting for it to be authenticated by someone else… Well, today I’ve decided to do some dusting, perhaps I will find some gem I left behind years ago.


This is my embellished “Van Goghed” logo of my newest clinical rotation: Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. A lovely thing happened today, my professor Dr. Cohn came for a site visit today. Seeing her caring face almost brought me to tears of happiness….it was such a lovely visit. Nothing like wise words from a mentor to inspire one to do some attic dusting!

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