¿Hablas español? Cultural competence as health care professionals…

This is a question I get asked an awful lot at the hospital. We see a lot of Spanish speaking patients here at Lutheran, however this isn’t something isolated to NYC. As a healthcare professional, it is becoming more important than ever to learn to speak Spanish especially to provide the most patient centered care possible. Now, I can’t always get away with speaking Italian (what little I know) in a “spanishy” type accent sooooo I’m headed back to D.C. this weekend for a course on Spanish speaking for physical therapists.

I’m very excited, not just for the course but to get back “home” for a bit (I’ve been traveling for my clinicals since May). They provided us with some homework before the seminar and I’ve been ‘boning’ up on my Spanish anatomy. Perhaps my favorite is the word for “toes”

Toes: Los dedos de pie

(or literally: the fingers of the foot)


If you are interested in taking a Spanish language course for health care practitioners check out these links:




Some other helpful anatomy :

  • Abdomen: el abdomen
  • Ankle: el tobillo
  • arm: el brazo
  • back: el espalda
  • body: el cuerpo
  • elbow: el codo
  • eyes: los ojos
  • fingers: los dedos
  • foot: el pie
  • hand: la mano
  • hip:  la cadera
  • knee: la rodilla
  • neck: el cuello
  • shoulder: el hombro

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