Kazoku ~ Familie ~ Family

Kazoku ~ Familie ~ Family 

Today was a glorious day of reunions for me!

I got to meet up with some family I haven’t seen in a long time: Teri, Meredith, Joyce, Klara, and Jamie. Teri and Meredith lived with my family in Japan…we played on the shores of Camp Kinser as children with Meri’s brother Noah. My family met Joyce in Germany. Joyce is my mom’s best friend and she has a beautiful and brilliant daughter Klara that I knew before she was born… now she is beginning high school (it is such an incredible feeling to have known someone their whole life). I met Jamie Ithaca but she has since moved to Seattle, she brought a light into my life that I needed during a very dark time.

Somehow, all these people were in NY today and I am overwhelmed with how wonderful it was to see them.


This is the kind of family that enters your life as you journey through it …the kind that even though you aren’t related by blood, they are part of your roots and you love them with all your being.

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