Right at Rothko ~ Why are hospitals mazes ?

I have been at Lutheran for almost 12 weeks now and I still get lost. Now, I am not directionally challenged ~  hospitals can just be disorienting places. I navigate using landmarks like a Rothko print. Seriously, I think to myself: “Right at Rothko to get back to the gym”


I have recently become aquatinted with a whole slew of architects. OK, excuse my hyperbole, I’m just excited because I’ve never had friends who were architects before …  sooo, to be precise, I know 3 architects. After visiting a show they put together about a month ago, they have me thinking about the structure and make up things…namely, spaces.

The design of hospitals has always frustrated me, even before working in one, I have spent a ton of time walking the halls of various hospitals when my mom and dad were ill.  They are aggravating on three levels: Firstly, they are not spaces set up for wellness or healing patients. Second, they are not spaces designed to be navigated easily by guests (family and friend visiting patients). Finally, they are not spaces engineered to be a desirable work place for health care providers.

Three strikes, you’re OUT!

Now I’m sure there are some well designed hospitals out there, in fact give these guys a read if you are interested in reading more about patient-centered hospital design:  The Agency for Health Care Research and Quality.

However, until someone steps up and builds a hospital that isn’t a total maze, I’ll have to get myself around by navigating with “landmarks” … sigh.


Right at Rothko. 

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