Love movies? Love science? Win/win last week in NYC ~ Imagine Science Film Festival

The Imagine Science Film Festival is the first science film festival in the world founded by scientists. It aims to transform the way science and scientists are portrayed in mainstream media, while emphasizing the importance of storytelling, narrative structure, and visual communication.

Seven days of beautiful and inspiring work flickering before my eyes on the big screen! From ecology to neurology… biology and fantastically lovely art, the Imagine Science Film Festival expanded my understanding of what it means to be a scientist and artists. While I (sadly) couldn’t make it to every session, I found myself engaged and fascinated thinking about how to visualize data and convey ideas.  It was interesting to consider the different ways these artists and scientists tried to convey their message, sometimes it was fictional with a strong narrative and other times, it just left me with a feeling. Effective communication is perhaps one of the most crucial aspect of discovery and creation…. after all, I think beautiful things should be shared….  and this week I was blown away by the beauty of science and discovery.



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