A Policy Sausage ~ You don’t wanna know whats in it….

This semester has gotten off to a roaring start, we have very oblique classes such as: Wellness Promotion, Health Policy & Advocacy, and Administration & Management….I know what you are thinking, snoooooze city! No need to sugar coat those thoughts. Well, that was my initial thought too but I’m really learning a ton PLUS my professors are fantastic. Dr. H came out with this gem when talking about developing policy:

“It is made like sausages, you really don’t wanna know whats in it. You like it at the end but you just don’t wanna see what happens during the process. Trust me, its not a pretty sight.”


Mmm, inspire me to grab a good brat or frankfurter with some spicy mustard on the side for supper…

…just don’t turn me into a policy wonk.  

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