Weekend Wonderland ~ Trading memories

My affinity for NYC is no secret, but I must admit, I forgot what a lovely place D.C. is. This past weekend I spent my days reacquainting myself with all the things I love about The District.

I began and ended the weekend in the gross anatomy lab. You all know how much I adore my time spent dissecting and exploring the incredibleness that is the human body. SO… when Dr. Bohn called me in Friday for “AN EMERGENCY CRANIAL DISSECTION” I was overjoyed and when he asked if I could come back Sunday to finish up, I couldn’t have been more excited. (After all, how often are there “emergency dissections”? )

Saturday was spent enjoying the wilds of Maryland in Great Falls National Park. Jeremy and I originally intended to do a straightforward hike on the Billy Goat Trail but found ourselves pulled to do some off trail climbing, bouldering, yoga, and swimming. (well, the latter two just seemed to pull me).

We each drew on the back of a Magic the Gathering Card (he he, yes I realize the nerdiness…but honestly I’m sure you’re not surprised) cards to commemorate the day:

Obviously, I do a lot of doodling on cups and other available surfaces…however, I’m fond of the idea of leaving a visual impression on a card that is easily traded or given away. Imagine exchanging them with other people doing the same thing. If accompanied with a story, it is like trading memories. To me there is nothing lovelier that hearing a story told about a singular moment experienced by someone close to you. Then, if they gave you an artifact to commemorate that tale…you could look at it and relive that story with every glance.

How unique to have a collection of beautiful sensations recorded by people close to you.

I’ll trade you a sunset in Venice for a midnight drive through the desert.


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