You don’t have to be good at it, it is good for you.

Yesterday I participated in a hot yoga workshop. I was surrounded by fantastic yogis and yoginis getting their sweat on, balancing like flamingos, with the strength and determination of a bengal tiger. Then there was me:

Balance ? ummm, nope.

Balance ? ummm, nope.

Needless to say I was a ball of sweat and red hair by the end:

However, I realized something during the several hours in the hot room (not from delirium / dehydration I swear)….It didn’t really matter if I was able to hold the posture to its fullest expression or bend my leg in that weird way (not natural!!) because I was doing something I loved and


So, stop comparing yourself to the gorgeous white foxes all around you and stop holding yourself back from doing something just because you aren’t good at it…. because chances are, if you change your point of view:  IT IS GOOD FOR YOU ! ! 

Pretty fox images from:×1080-280-hd-kootation/original/

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