Forget Friday ~ Small Business Saturday! #shopsmall


Thanks Grumpy Cat…my feelings precisely.

Shopping for me is a tactical mission. This may have started when my mom would send me on errands disguised as “super secret missions” to the grocery store as a kid. (Of course I can infiltrate the treacherous Produce Kingdom and retrieve the artichoke hearts of lore!) 

I go in with a plan, get in get out, minimize causalities, and hopefully maintain my feelings that humans are relatively reasonable animals…. As such I steer clear of anything remotely related to “Black Friday” … if there is a possibility of being trampled and I’m not in Pamplona, count me out.


nope…no bulls. *phew

Plus the internet allows me to partake in “deals” from the nerdy introverted comfort of my own computer. 

However, American Express (irony noted) is promoting a new “shopping event” this year: Small Business Saturday – Encouraging people to support local businesses for their holiday shopping needs. There is a map on the website of small locally supported stores, restaurants, and entertainment that you can visit. What has been fantastic, is visiting these little businesses has been a wholly pleasant and productive experience. I don’t have to be in an uncomfortable crowded mall, I can walk outside from place to place, and talk with friendly individuals supporting the local economy.

So, if you aren’t burnt out from all the door busting deals yesterday, take a stroll in your neighborhood and find a little slice of the american dream.


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