Sanjuro ~ Bring your inner samurai to study

Tomorrow I begin my study plan for the National Physical Therapy Board Exam. So today (aside from the obvious 8 hours I was at work), I’m not thinking about physical therapy at all…no articles over lunch, not listening to the APTA podcast while I run, not signing up for volunteer booth shifts at CSM. Nope. Played piano all morning and tonight I’m going to the movies.

I couldn’t be more excited about what is playing at the historic State Theater in Culpeper tonight! The Library of Congress screens classic films out here with a mission to celebrate the extraordinary range of creativity and exuberance inherent in the recorded forms of American culture and entertainment since the late 19th century. Plus they are all free. (OMG am in heaven or what!?)

Tonight they are screening a film by one of my favorite (if not my favorite) directors of all time! Akira Kurosawa’s follow up to his samurai classic Yojimbo :



I look to Kurosawa tonight for beautiful art direction, riveting action, a little silliness, and sweet sword fights (in fact, this is the first film to utilize “blood explosion” …you know the kind in martial arts films where it seems like the human body is under the most tremendous amount of pressure so as the hero lops off a limb, torrents of blood come shooting out like a fire hose…did you know in black and white films they used chocolate syrup to get the proper color / texture combo? mmmm)

Perhaps though what I will take away the most from tonight is some of that fierce warrior spirit to fuel me through this long winter of studying.

For all of you preparing for exams or facing any sort of obstacle in the next few months, stay strong and let your inner samurai shine through!

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