Physical Therapists Invade the Meadows! Explore and Connect at #CSM2014

Welcome to Las Vegas! 

020414Did you know it was orginally named by Mexican scout Rafael Rivera in 1829 because it contained artesian wells that supported vast green areas or “meadows”…hence the name. (Vegas being Spanish for “meadows.”)

While the landscape flying into “the meadows” was extraordinary, those embossed red mountains are calling me, it certainly was not green…and the only meadows I have seen since my arrival are the fields of slot machines. In fact, I was greeted with a row of “one armed bandits” less than 10 meters from exiting the plane:


I may not be forging West on the old Spanish Trail like Rivera in 1829 but like all my fellow SPTs, PT, and PTA colleagues from around the country, I am here to explore. Explore new ideas & opportunities. (especially as a young clinician ready to graduate!).

Enjoy exploring the meadow my friends. Learn lots and connect:

The APTA’s Student Assembly: @aptasa

CSM2014: @aptacsm #csm2014

Acute Care Section: @acutecarept

Oncology Section:  @APTAOncologyPT

( Me: @cuppaday )

Share your thoughts here friends:

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