What weighs 5lb, has 1043 pages, and is NOT coming to Las Vegas? #csm2014


Tomorrow kicks of the American Physical Therapy Association’s annual Combined Sections Meeting in Las Vegas!!

I like to pack light and there is nothing light this monster text:


So, I’ve decided to leave my gargantuan study book at home …. but that doesn’t mean my review schedule goes out the window.


No sir-ee bob!

I got the grand opportunity to do this:


Practical & cathartic, don’t know why I didn’t bust out the knife sooner.


Alright, all ready to go. Don’t worry, my nose won’t be plastered in these “parts of books” all week. I’m very excited to connect with my colleagues from around the country and get my PT nerd on! Not to mention explore all that Vegas has to offer from the grimy to the gorgeous surrounding nature.

So what does a resourceful physical therapist do when her suitcase has a broken buckle?


See you all in Sin City.

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