Alright CNS, who cut the cheese? Other immature ways to remember anatomy…

Did you know in the nervous system there are different kinds of neurons that carry impulses through you body? Let’s break it down to just the two main kinds:

Efferent – or MOTOR neurons that carry impulses away from the central nervous system (CNS) to effecters such as muscles or glands.

Afferent – or SENSORY neurons that carry impulses from receptors or sense organs toward the CNS.


But how does the savvy student remember the difference with just a letter ( E vs A ) differentiate the two?

Well, you could go back to the Latin roots and learn:

The Latin verb “Ferre” means “carry”

“Ex” means “away” –> ex ferre = carrying away (Efferent – motor impulses are carried away from the CNS to muscles)

“Ad” means “into” –> ad ferre = carrying into (Afferent – sensory impulses are carried into the CNS from skin and sensory organs)


You could just channel your inner 10 year old boy like me and make a fart joke!

How do you smell A – FART?  (with a sensory A-FFERENT neuron of course…)


te he

For those wanting to elevate their knowledge after that hilarious low, remember there are also these kinds of neurons:


Interneurons – connector cells within the CNS

OK, ready to head back to the gutter?

Fart – Most commonly used reference to flatulence in the Enlish language. Immediate roots are in the Middle Enlgigh words “ferten” “feortan” or “farten” kin to the Old High German word “Ferzan”


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