Relay for: life, loss, & love #goforthepurple


This morning was Culpeper Middle School’s inaugural Race for Life to support the American Caner Society. The sun greeted my fellow runners this morning as we ran to:


CELEBRATE survivors and what they’ve overcome

REMEMBER those we’ve lost

FIGHT BACK to take action against this disease that has taken so much.

 Today, I ran in remembrance of my amazing mom, who’s life and battle against breast cancer inspire me everyday to seek adventure, fight without compromise, and love unconditionally. 


Celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday.

For those struggling with the recent loss of a loved one, my heart is with you. Although grief may seem insurmountably difficult, take heart and know that with everyday that passes, that loss and sadness that feels like a bottomless void is slowly filled. It is filled with all the joy, love, and beautiful memories you shared. xo

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