Relay for Life ~ Thank you for all the support!

Saturday 5/17/14 was such an incredible day

The day began in Falls Church, VA (my home for most of my tenure as a doctoral student at George Washington University.) It was almost as though it was a normal Saturday, I practiced yoga at my favorite studio with my yoga family, I went to the farmers market delighting every sense, and enjoyed a warm cup of coffee with my father in the park.

While everyday is certainly unique, this is where the day became distinct from all those other Saturdays over the last 3 years.

After lunch, I headed to campus, and instead of going to the library, lecture, or lab…I met my classmates to receive our diplomas and doctoral hoods. This would surely make any day incredible (stay tuned for more blogging about graduation coming soon) but after the ceremonies were over, I was off to another special treat.

I finished my day in Culpeper at the Relay for Life event.

It was tremendously meaningful for me to celebrate the commencement of my studies by joining the fight against the disease that took my mom shortly before I started my program at GW. My mom, Cindy Romagnoli is a constant source of inspiration and was always a source of support and encouragement.

Amidst the thousands of luminaries, I found hers:


It truly was an amazing event and I cannot thank those that supported my fundraising efforts enough! Our team total was amazing and we blew our goal out of the water:



Jeremy VanScoyoc, Judith Flacke, Lynne Virant, Clara Curtin, Sarah Rhodes, Pam Duncan, Dorothy Goodrich, Jeffery Curtin, Heather Rhodes, Diesta Gundacker, & Giuliano Romagnoli

We would never have gotten there with out your generous donations!

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