Delicious Pi

Happy Pi Day Everyone!

❤ π


This year is an extra special one at that…not only is it March 14th (or 3.14) BUT 2015 which takes us out to 4 digits of pi or 3.1415! I’m posting today at 9:26 AM which means, yes my fellow nerds we are out to SEVEN digits 3.1415926!! (incidentally, this is also when MIT is emailing acceptance letters for their new Freshman class, good luck little nerds!)

I suggest we all do some baking, here is my favorite recipe: A classic German Apple Pie (mmm) … please share yours!

What is the big deal about the non-edible pie –> Pi? (You could get crazy deep and read the wikipedia article or here are some highlights) Quite simply it is a number that helps us rock out geometry when it comes to circular shapes. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it’s diameter, it is constant so it is the same for all circles of any size! Hence giving it the super sweet Greek letter: π



The diameter of a circle is the distance from edge to edge, measuring straight through the center. The circumference of a circle is the distance around.


It is used to find such awesome things as:

The area of a circle (how big is that pizza for dinner?)

               A = πr2

Where ‘r’ is the radius (distance from the center to the edge of the circle).


The volume of a cylinder (if I stacked 20 pizzas on top of one another, how much space would they take up?)

             V = πr2h

To find the volume of a cylinder, you calculate the area of the base (the area of the circle), then multiply that by the height (h) of the cylinder.

Whether  you are celebrating the day by baking or reciting as many of the digits of this irrational number as you can, have a beautiful Saturday and look with appreciation on all the circles you meet today!

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